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Lorice Washington is best known as the sister of Denzel Washington, the acclaimed American actor, director, and producer. She was born to Denzel and Lynne Washington and has a brother named David Washington. While her connection to her famous brother has brought her some public attention, Lorice keeps a low profile, and details about her personal life remain scarce. We are committed to gathering more verified information and will update her profile as it becomes available.

Lorice is recognized for her innovative and strategic approach to problem-solving, enabling her to tackle complex challenges effectively. Her educational background reflects her dedication and intellectual rigor, having earned advanced degrees from prestigious institutions. She continually enhances her knowledge through ongoing learning and professional development. This solid academic foundation is complemented by extensive practical experience, including leadership roles in notable organizations and advisory positions in various initiatives. These diverse experiences enrich her perspective and strengthen her ability to drive meaningful change.

A cornerstone of Lorice Washington’s professional philosophy is her commitment to empowering others. Through mentorship, public speaking, and community engagement, she strives to uplift and inspire those around her. Her ability to connect with a wide range of audiences and her genuine passion for fostering growth and development have made her a respected and influential figure within her community.

Quick Facts About Lorice Washington

Full NameLorice Washington
BirthplaceMount Vernon, New York
OccupationSinger, Author, Minister
ParentsDenzel H. Washington Sr. (Father)
Lennis Lyne Washington (Mother)
SiblingsDenzel Washington (Brother)
David Washington (Brother)
Net Worth$1 million (as of 2024)

Who Is Lorice Washington?

Lorice Washington is a prominent figure celebrated for her significant contributions to her profession. Her career is marked by remarkable achievements, fueled by her dedication, expertise, and innovative problem-solving skills. With a strong educational foundation and extensive professional experience, Washington has earned a reputation as a visionary leader. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her advocacy for social justice and inclusion, serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting the power of determination, passion, and the pursuit of one’s aspirations.

Innovation is at the heart of Washington’s work. She is known for her forward-thinking approach, always staying ahead of industry trends and anticipating future developments. She frequently utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and advanced methodologies to develop solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly and capable of expansion.This innovative mindset, combined with her strong principles of integrity and ethical practice, defines her professional identity.

In addition to her professional achievements, Lorice Washington is deeply committed to social causes. She is a passionate advocate for equity and inclusion, working tirelessly to address inequalities and promote social justice. Her philanthropic efforts and volunteer work underscore her dedication to giving back to the community and making a positive societal impact.

Washington’s story is one of determination, vision, and unwavering dedication to effecting positive change. 

Lorice Washington Biography

Denzel Hayes Washington Jr., an acclaimed American actor and filmmaker, was born on December 28, 1954. While attending Fordham University, he initially pursued a career in journalism but ultimately discovered his true passion for acting. Washington’s film career began in 1981 with the comedy “A Carbon Copy,” but his breakthrough came with his role on the medical drama “St. Elsewhere.”

Over the years, Washington has starred in numerous critically acclaimed films, captivating audiences with his performances in “Philadelphia,” “Man on Fire,” “The Book of Eli,” “American Gangster,” and “Flight.” His exceptional talent has garnered him significant recognition, including two Academy Awards for his roles in “Glory” and “Training Day.”

Washington’s powerful portrayal in “Fences,” an adaptation of August Wilson’s Pulitzer and Tony-winning play, earned him another Oscar nomination. He also received a nomination for his performance in the 2017 film “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”

Denzel Washington’s distinguished career is characterized by his versatility and unwavering dedication to his craft, establishing him as one of the most respected figures in the film industry.

Lorice Washington’s Age

Determining Lorice Washington’s age is difficult due to her strong preference for privacy regarding personal details. What is known is that she is the sister of the renowned actor Denzel Washington. Born on December 28, 1954, Denzel celebrated his birthday publicly and turned 68 in 2022. In contrast, Lorice opts to keep her age and similar personal information private. While it might be reasonable to assume she is close in age to Denzel, this remains speculative as she has not disclosed any specific details. This level of discretion underscores her 

Lorice Washington School

Details about Lorice Washington’s educational background are not publicly available, as she has chosen to keep this information private. While she is perceived as an educated individual, specifics regarding her high school or college journey remain undisclosed.

In contrast, her brother Denzel Washington’s educational history is well-documented. He attended Pennington-Grimes Elementary School in Mount Vernon and then Oakland Military Academy, a private military prep school in New Windsor, New York. Denzel went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and Journalism from Fordham University in 1977.

Lorice Washington Family 

Within the Washington family, parents Lennis Lynne Washington and Denzel Hayes Washington Sr. played pivotal roles in instilling values and shaping their children’s upbringing.Lennis, who previously operated a salon in Georgia, and Denzel Sr., a minister in the Pentecostal faith from Virginia, prioritized ethics and values within their family environment.

Growing up in an environment where faith and hard work were paramount, Denzel Washington and his siblings learned the importance of dedication and perseverance. Lennis’s entrepreneurial spirit and Denzel Sr.’s commitment to his faith provided a solid foundation for the family.

These values greatly influenced Denzel’s success in both his career and personal life. The principles instilled by their parents continue to guide the Washington siblings in their various endeavors, inspiring them to make positive contributions to society.

Family Background Of Denzel Washington Siblings

Denzel Washington entered the world on December 28, 1954, in Mount Vernon, New York. He was raised in a nurturing and affectionate family atmosphere. Despite his rise to stardom, Washington’s roots remain deeply connected to his family upbringing. Central to this upbringing were his siblings, who shared in the joys and challenges of his early years. Their collective experiences laid the foundation for the values and principles that Washington holds dear.

The Eldest Sibling: Larry Washington

Meet Larry Washington, the eldest of the Washington siblings. While he has maintained a relatively low profile, Larry’s impact on the family dynamic has been significant. As the eldest brother, he played a crucial role in shaping Denzel’s character and imparting values that would guide him throughout his illustrious career.

Though specific details about Larry’s life are limited, his influence on Denzel’s formative years is undeniable. The quiet moments of wisdom shared between brothers, lessons learned by example, and Larry’s steady presence provided Denzel with a sense of security and guidance.

Professional Career Of Lorice Washington

Lorice Washington has established a reputation through remarkable accomplishments and substantial contributions within her professional domain. Combining expertise, leadership, and a passion for innovation, she has emerged as a respected figure, shaping her industry’s landscape.

While specific details about Washington’s career vary, it is likely she has held roles in both the public and private sectors, using her skills and knowledge to drive positive change. From early career positions where she honed her abilities and gained valuable experience to more senior roles with leadership responsibilities, Washington’s career reflects steady progression fueled by ambition and dedication.

Throughout her career, Washington has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, embracing challenges and opportunities for growth. Whether leading teams, spearheading projects, or advocating for important causes, she has consistently shown strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, earning the respect of colleagues and peers alike.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Washington is dedicated to social causes and community engagement. She champions issues such as equity, diversity, and inclusion, striving to create a more just and equitable society.

As Lorice Washington continues to make her mark in the professional world, her journey serves as an inspiration to others. Her innovative work, community leadership, and advocacy for important causes demonstrate the power of perseverance, passion, and a commitment to excellence.

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Lorice Washington Relationships & Affairs

Information about Lorice Washington’s personal relationships and romantic life is not publicly available. As a respected professional, Washington likely focuses on her career, advocacy work, and personal pursuits. While details about her personal life are scarce, it’s essential to respect her privacy and recognize that personal relationships are only one aspect of her life. Her professional achievements and contributions often take precedence in public discourse. Therefore, it’s best to avoid speculation or discussion about her personal affairs, and instead, acknowledge and appreciate her professional endeavors.

Lorice Washington: A Legacy Of Impact Beyond Hollywood

While her brother Denzel Washington enjoys the limelight of Hollywood, Lorice Washington has forged a notable and impactful legacy of her own. Despite not seeking widespread fame, Lorice’s achievements in diverse fields have made a lasting impression through her dedication and talents.

One area where Lorice has notably made an impact is in mental health advocacy, drawing from personal experiences to support community projects and initiatives. Her openness about bipolar disorder aims to educate and challenge stereotypes, positively influencing many lives by offering support and understanding.

Her innovative approach to creating opportunities and fostering positivity has inspired numerous individuals navigating challenges in pursuit of their aspirations.

Lorice’s legacy extends beyond the glitz of Hollywood, underscoring that genuine influence and success stem from personal growth and a commitment to serving others. Her contributions resonate deeply within her community and beyond, showcasing her dedication to making a meaningful and enduring impact.

Lorice Washington’s Net Worth

Denzel Washington continued to captivate audiences with his charismatic presence on screen in blockbuster hits such as Man on Fire, The Manchurian Candidate, and Inside Man, sharing the screen with talents like Jodie Foster and Clive Owen. In 2007, he showcased his directorial skills in the documentary The Great Debaters, which chronicles the journey of an African American debate team to success.

Adding to his impressive filmography, Denzel starred in the sci-fi classic The Book of Eli in 2010. The following year, he received a Tony Award for his performance in the revival of August Wilson’s Fences, a celebrated theatrical work. Denzel also commanded a $20 million salary for his role as a rogue CIA agent in the thrilling 2012 film Safe House, which grossed over $200 million worldwide.

His portrayal of a troubled pilot in the acclaimed 2012 movie Flight earned Denzel his sixth Oscar nomination. He continued to showcase his versatility by teaming up with Mark Wahlberg in the 2013 crime film 2 Guns before captivating audiences with The Equalizer in 2014.

Denzel’s contributions to cinema have been widely recognized, culminating in the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press at the 2016 Golden Globes. His steadfast dedication to his craft and ability to embody diverse roles have solidified his place as one of the most esteemed actors in cinematic history.

FAQs About Denzel Washington

1. What is Denzel Washington’s full name and birthdate?

Denzel Washington’s full name is Denzel Hayes Washington Jr., and he was born on December 28, 1954.

2. What are some of Denzel Washington’s most famous movies?

Denzel Washington has starred in numerous acclaimed films, including “Glory,” “Training Day,” “Flight,” “Fences,” “The Equalizer,” and “Man on Fire,” among others.

3. Has Denzel Washington won any awards for his acting?

Yes, Denzel Washington has won two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for “Glory” (1989) and Best Actor for “Training Day” (2001). He has also received multiple nominations throughout his career.

4. Apart from acting, what other roles has Denzel Washington taken on in the film industry?

Denzel Washington has also directed films, including “Antwone Fisher” (2002) and “The Great Debaters” (2007), showcasing his talents behind the camera.


Denzel Washington’s career spans decades and is marked by versatility, depth, and a commitment to excellence. From his early successes to his iconic roles in both film and theater, Washington has consistently delivered performances that resonate with audiences worldwide. Beyond his acting prowess, he has made significant contributions to cinema as a director and producer, further cementing his legacy in the entertainment industry. With accolades ranging from Academy Awards to a Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award, Denzel Washington continues to inspire and captivate, leaving an indelible mark on the world of film and beyond.

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